toward justice
and liberation.

Our Vision

We seek a world in which people and planet flourish together in regenerative systems free from oppression and threat.

Our Mission

The Dan and Margaret Maddox Fund’s mission is to better our community through partnerships that improve the lives of young people and protect the natural environment.

Where We Fund

The Dan and Margaret Maddox Fund serves 41 counties of Middle Tennessee listed below. Programs must operate within this geographic area.

Bedford, Cannon, Cheatham, Clay, Coffee, Davidson, Dekalb, Dickson, Fentress, Franklin, Giles, Grundy, Hickman, Houston, Humphreys, Lawrence, Lincoln, Macon, Marion, Marshall, Maury, Montgomery, Moore, Overton, Perry, Pickett, Putnam, Robertson, Rutherford, Sequatche, Smith, Jackson, Stewart, Sumner, Trousdale, Van Buren, Warren, Wayne, White, and Williamson

Our Partners

Southern Movement Committee


$60,000 to support training programs focused on teaching young people to organize and advocate for themselves.

Elmahaba Center


$20,000 to support tutoring and college prep programming.

Sunrise Movement Nashville


$25,000 to support youth-led climate change work in Middle Tennessee. 

The Maddox Fund serves the community through partnerships with nonprofit organizations.  We are thankful for their work and determination to create a world where people and planet flourish together.   Visit the Grant Directory to see all Maddox partners and grants.

Land Acknowledgement

As we learn more about racial equity,  land acknowledgements are a way to recognize and express gratitude to the First Nations land that we are on. For colonizers, the act of performing a land acknowledgement is a very basic and fundamental step towards reconciliation between Indigenous Peoples and colonizers who occupy the land.

We acknowledge that the Maddox Fund occupies the traditional homelands of Indigenous Peoples and that our office sits near the Trail of Tears death march.  We know that at least eight tribes called Tennessee home, including the Muscogee Band of Creek, Yuchi, Chickasaw, Chickamauga Band of Cherokee, Choctaw, Eastern Band of Cherokee, Shawnee and Seneca. None of these tribes are officially recognized by the state of Tennessee.

Maddox is committed to supporting Indigenous people and nations through ongoing action, and encourages others to create action plans of their own.


We strive to maintain solid relationships with our partners, stakeholders, and our community built on openness, inclusivity, and transparency. As such, we remain committed to being accountable, accessible, and offer full financial disclosure

Dan and Margaret Maddox

A Legacy of Giving

Dan and Margaret Maddox had a passion for  young people and a love for nature. For nearly half a century, their generosity sowed the seeds that would grow into opportunities for young people to prosper and wildlife habitats to thrive.

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