Sharing diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and liberation values, Maddox cultivates an environment of trust with our partners.

Nonprofit Partners

The Maddox Fund partners with nonprofits to advance our interest in youth and the natural environment.  For Maddox, strong nonprofit partnerships are built on our shared justice and liberation values and a commitment to learning.

Grant Directory

The Maddox Fund’s commitment to transparency includes making grant information accessible and searchable.  As we launch our new grant priorities in 2023, our past giving history provided here will be less predictive of our funding pattern going forward. Our partner priorities centers our commitment to being an anti-racist organization.

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Care & Capacity Building

Grants to support organizational growth may focus on strategic planning, board development, executive search, fundraising, financial accounting, program evaluation are generally small and made directly to the nonprofit.  First step is to talk to a Maddox staff member about your organization’s need.


The Maddox Fund wants to use its voice to support our nonprofit partners.   If you are working on a public policy issue, organizing a community or launching a public awareness campaign, let us know how we can amplify your change work.


The Maddox Fund is seeking to align its investments with our values after having been a traditional endowment investor since 2008. As a learning organization, we are examining our practices and exploring how we can live our mission in all aspects of our work.


The Maddox Fund has developed a vendor selection tool to help us live into our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Liberation values in all aspects of our work.  


To strengthen partner relationships, the Maddox Fund strives to be transparent in all our actions.  We are on Glass Pockets, a directory of nonprofit foundations committed to transparent practices.  We aim to be open with our practices and accountable to our community.  If there is information you need that is not available on our website, please call the staff.