Community Leadership

Partnering with the community, Maddox leads and follows with courage to advance justice and liberation.

In our 2016 Maddox partner listening meetings, we were challenged to use our voice more on issues impacting the nonprofit sector, youth and the natural environment.  In 2022 grant design workshops, partners asked how we could be stronger community leaders.  Community Leadership is the least developed of the Maddox North Stars.  How we live into this vision is a central question for the Board in 2023 and 2024 but it will include advocacy, partner training, and engagement with local and national foundations.


The Maddox Fund developed an Advocacy Policy in 2017 to guide how we use our voice in public policy and practice to support our mission and nonprofit partners.  Since that time, we have stood with our nonprofit partners on issues from water quality to education equity, from building resilient cities to immigration reform.

Partner Training

The Maddox Fund has set aside funds to strengthen our nonprofit community through capacity building, training and staff care.  These funds are available throughout the year. The first step is reaching out to a staff member to explore how we can support your growth.

National & Local Foundation Engagement