Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition



We are a coalition of immigrants, refugees, and allies working to lift up fundamental American freedoms and human rights and build a strong, welcoming, and inclusive Tennessee.

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Grant Year Amount Program Name Program Area Description
2018 $30,000 Youth Organizing marginalized youth Learn more

There are massive changes coming for immigrant youth depending on the passage or failure of the DREAM Act: either permanent protection for an estimated 30,000 immigrant youth in Tennessee or the 9,000 current DACA holders become undocumented. We will support youth in the wake of these announcements.

2018 $10,000 marginalized youth Learn more

To find messages and messengers that can move individuals who are “conflicted” about immigrant rights to being solidly supportive and inoculated from being pushed in the wrong direction when hit by attacks for anti-immigrant forces.

2017 $30,000 Immigrant Youth Leadership Development: Empowering Youth, Reducing Barriers marginalized youth Learn more

Tennessee’s rapidly growing population of immigrant youth experience numerous and compounding barriers to their success. Through an empowerment model of service delivery we assist youth in overcoming these barriers, while providing the tools and opportunity they need to become engaged leaders shaping their futures and communities.

2017 $15,000 Core Mission Support marginalized youth Learn more

To provide Core Mission Support during DACA renewal.