American Baptist College



The mission of ABC, a Historically Black College, is to educate, graduate and prepare diverse students with a liberal arts emphasis for Christian leadership, service and social justice in the world.

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Grant Year Amount Program Name Program Area Description
2020 $18,500 education Learn more

This proposal extends the reach and sustainability of the SEAL Initiative currently funded by the Maddox Fund. Attracting, educating and developing the next generation of indigenous, community-based, equity-informed leaders from low-income backgrounds by countering systemic economic disadvantage with one year of full scholarship funding for two SEAL students at ABC.

2019 $25,000 education Learn more

ABC’s Social justice, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership Initiative (ABC-SEAL) is a new, unique program designed to attract, educate, and develop the next generation of indigenous, community-based, equity-informed community leaders using a curriculum continuum linking undergraduate coursework, secondary school enrichments and civic education for youth in and/or from proximate low-income neighborhoods.