Our mission is to better our community through partnerships that improve the lives of young people and further wildlife conservation.

Our Core Values

Our Organizational Culture

The Maddox Fund strives to create an environment where all people and planet flourish.
Through observation, we have found that nature teaches us what healthy systems look like and what it takes to sustain them. Maddox looks to nature to teach us how to work and live together.

Equity North Stars

The Maddox North Stars emerged out of our 2021 Equity Audit.  They serve as guides for how we operate as an organization and as a means of assessing our work on a regular basis.  Use the toggles below to see the different aspects of our work.

The Maddox Fund envisions a world in which people and planet flourish together in regenerative systems free from oppression and threat—all the while knowing that we are far from the world to which we aspire.

The Maddox Fund will continue its learning journey toward justice and liberation in the years ahead through:

  • Centering the voices of our partners and community
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Redesigning Grantmaking