Maddox Sponsors Anti-Racism Training at Center for Nonprofit Management

“Not everything that is faced can be changed,  but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” James Baldwin

“If not now, when?  If not us, who?”    John Lewis

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”   Hopi Nation Elders

Over the past year, the Maddox Charitable Fund has been talking about equity. While we are early in our journey, we are convinced that we can’t walk alone; we need partners to create a strong movement for change.

The Maddox Charitable Fund, along with the HCA Foundation, The Healing Trust and the Metro Arts Commission, is partnering with Center for Nonprofit Management to bring Crossroads’ anti-racism training back to Nashville.  Education is the first step in order to chart a transformative course.

We invite our partners to consider an available training in 2019 (see descriptions and registration below).  If you need scholarship assistance to participate, please contact us.  Don’t let registration fees stand in your way.

Later in the year, we will be hosting Maddox Listening Meetings to hear directly from our partners about your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plans.  We want to learn from your ideas, directions and work, as well as listen to your concerns.  Please sign up for a session when the invitation is sent.

The Maddox Charitable Fund’s mission is only possible with strong nonprofit partners.  We’re thankful for your companionship on the road ahead.

Crossroads Training

One-day Introductory Anti-racism Training

Details: National experts, Crossroads Antiracism Organizing & Training, will bring their expertise to Nashville for two offerings of their one-day course, Introduction to Systemic Racism. This single day training is ideal for organizations that have initiated work in equity and want to dive deeper. Teams are highly encouraged to attend as a group. Please note that this is the same event, offered at two different times. Participants should only register for one of the dates below:

Location: Nashville Public Library from 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Two and a half-day Intensive Training

Details: Later in 2019, CNM will welcome Crossroads Antiracism Organizing & Training back to Nashville for two offerings of their 2.5 day course, Understanding and Analyzing Systemic Racism. This will be an intensive focused on how systemic racism shapes institutional identity, commitment, and work, while also providing strategies for teams seeking to dismantle racism within their organization. This workshop is designed for teams that include the organization’s CEO and one board member. Registration will be announced at a later date, as well as information about limited scholarship opportunities. Participating organizations will be asked to complete a self-assessment prior to the session. 

Location: Center for Nonprofit Management

Other CNM Equity Training Opportunities

Details: These full day workshops will have a programs focus and are ideal for leaders in your organization in charge of decision-making for policies and programs. All workshops are MatchGrant eligible, and no prior knowledge is required to attend.

  • 4/25: Implementing Equity Frameworks: Creating Systematic Change with Mel Fowler-Green and Sarah Bounse (Registration)
  • 5/14: Equitable Evaluation with Elevate Consulting (Registration)
  • 5/15: Systems Change with Rod DeVore
  • 6/4: Community Engagement: Strategies for Implementation with David Moore (Registration)
  • 6/12: Recruiting, Engaging, and Retaining Multicultural Talent with Kellee Mannix (Registration)
  • 8/6: Building Your Equity Lens with Sarah Bounse (Registration)
  • 9/10: Systems Change with Rod DeVore
  • 10/22: Implementing Equity Frameworks: Creating Systematic Change with Mel Fowler-Green and Sarah Bounse (Registration)
  • 11/5: Equitable Evaluation with Elevate Consulting (Registration)
  • 12/3: Community Engagement: Strategies for Implementation with David Moore (Registration)

For further questions about upcoming equity offerings, please contact

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