Crossroads Campus



Crossroads believes in the healing power of the human-animal bond. Our mission is to transform lives by creating opportunities for individuals facing poverty and homelessness to care for homeless animals.

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Grant Year Amount Program Name Program Area Description
2018 $50,000 Job-Training and Supportive Employment for Young Adults Facing Homelessness marginalized youth Learn more

To support our job-training/employment program for at-risk young adults and to help us increase organizational capacity as we prepare for a major expansion over the next few years that will allow us to significantly increase the number of young people we employ and house.

2017 $20,000 Supportive Job-Training and Employment Program for At-Risk Young Adults marginalized youth Learn more

To support our job-training and employment program which serves at risk young people, providing job-readiness, job-skills and a first job for young people who lack access to the workplace. We enhance the benefits of the program through individualized case management and a loving and supportive community.